Opencart Google Tagmanager Extension

Change Log

Change Log

  • 11.1: 13 July 2024
    • Bug fix: Document encoding error on some site due to an extra space in a library/tagmanager/cookie_main.php file
    • Bug fix: Incorrect Pixel value calculation when adjustment is applied due to discount or extra fee
  • 11.0: 09 June 2024
    • New Consent module script based on Cookie Consent v3
    • Improved Cookie Consent detection with multiple themes
    • Added support for Google Analytics 4 user_id parameter
    • Added support for Google Analytics 4 user data collection hashed SHA256 (email, phone, firstname, lastname, address, city, state, country, postcode)
    • Tracking code update for TikTok to latest
    • Added Tiktok userdata fields hashed 256 (email, phone)
    • Added description field for Tiktok events
    • Background improvements for User data collection and storage for Tagmanager module
    • Background improvements for Product data collection
    • Fixed error for empty product in case of gift voucher purchase
    • Gift Voucher treated as product and show in Purchase event
  • 10.7: 02 Feb 2024
    • Added Matomo Analytics (cloud/hosted)
    • Added CJ.COM Affiliate PageviewTracking and Conversion
    • Added Data Audience platform
    • Cookiee Consent added language support for headings
  • 10.6: 06 Jan 2024
    • Google Consent Mode v2 (ad_user_data, ad_personalization, ads_data_redaction) added also added url_passthrough for denied state
    • AJAX calls for GTM, cache headers added 
  • 10.5: 9 Nov 2023
    • Google GA4 updated search event
    • Custom Dimension search_term added to GA4
    • TikTok Pixel removed browser event
    • Facebook Pixel renamed cart view from InitiateCheckout to ViewCart
  • 10.4: 25 July 2023 
    • Fixed Journal 3 undefined variable in journal3/product.php
    • Admin section remove Store drop down for single store
    • Removed Remarketing old custom variables (ecomm_totalvalue, ecomm_prodid, ecomm_pagetype, dynx_itemid, dynx_itemvalue) not in use any more 
    • Fixed Dynamic Remarketing ID not formated on Product View page
    • Fixed missing config message in error log on Contact page for Pixel Conversion API
    • Removed event_id and page_type additional parameters from Conversion API custom_data treated as additional with Diagnostic error on Pixel Event Manager
    • Fixed ecomm_totalvalue missing in library/tagmanager
    • Tag Manager Container removed unused variable and events
    • Tag Manager Container updated referrer variable
    • Tag Manager Container update Tags
    • Undefined variable page_type fixed in library/tagmanager/event_script.php
    • Fixed currency in library/tagmanager/products.php
    • OC2.0, 2.1, 2.2 updated to V10.4
  • 10.3 
    • Tagmanager container updated 
    • Google UA removed, including all additional sub routines
    • GA4 Bug fix in remove from cart not passing value
    • GA4 Bug fix incorrect value for special price items on remove cart event 
    • GA4 select_item missing value fixed
    • GA4 select_item sending wrong items array fixed
    • GA4 shipping_info, add_payment event fixed for Journal3, Xtension Checkout not firing
    • Twitter Pixel update to new version
    • Pixel fixed add_payment event for Journal3, Xtension Checkout
    • Admin missing text_store error fixed
    • Added transaction_id and gtm_trans to pass order id for 3rd patry payment extensions 
    • Added date to Order tab in extension admin
    • OrderShipping Value fixed to two decimal
    • Order Tax Valye fixed to two decimal
    • OC 1.5x additional fixes:
      • Fixed multi store setting not saved
      • Journal 2 Checkout added GA4 events for Payment & Shipping
      • Journal 2 Checkout added Pixel Events for Payment
  • 10.2 (un-released merged with 10.3)
    • Multi Store setting not saved fixed
    • Order detail page OC2x language variable missing
    • Order refund not working fixed
  • 10.1 
    • Fixed Pixel API issue where conversion events were stopped working after update v10
    • Fixed Enhanced Conversion Address field Diagnostic error on Google Ads 
    • Added Klaviyo Tracking script (beta API in development)
    • Admin Order Analytics Payment method and code added
      • Opencart 1.5, 2x Journal 2 module fixes
  • 10.0
    • Admin Interface Updated
    • Various improvement in code for compatibility
    • Cookie Consent updated for additional button and added
    • Support for 3rd party code to run after consent
    • Licence domain now support all sub domains i.e. will not require different licence
  • 9.9.1
    • GA4 Fixes
  • 9.9
    • Pixel API Updates
    • Manual Tax Override 
    • Shipping/Tax Exclusion from Google Ads Conversion
    • Shipping/Tax Exclusion from Pixel
    • Add to Cart Option prices are now added
  • 9.8
    • Pixel API Updates
  • 9.7
    • Tagmanager Enhance Conversion enabled by default
    • Spelling error in data layer variable fixed
  • 9.6
    • Pixel missing content issue fixed if pixel api is not active
  • 9.5
    • Pixel AddtoCart fixed after upgrade
    • Pixel Guest checkout missing API customer data fixed
  • 9.4
    • Major Release, improved code align with Opencart routines for future version
    • Added AJAX mode to handle Pagecache extensions send invalid data
    • Bug fixes and improvement for Facebook Conversion API using AJAX method ensure valid data for each call and 100% event duplication.
    • Pixel code moved to Javascript for better handling of events
  • 9.3
    • Improved Pixel API Conversion surpassing errors for invalid data
    • Pixel: Added Enhanced matchmaking hashed data (email/phone/city/state/postcode/firstname, last name, country)
    • Tagmanager Container updated to send additional data
    • Pixel: Added Extenal ID for better event duplication 
  • 9.2.1
    • Updated Checkout Success detection routine 
    • Pixel Conversion API Added empty check for fbp, event id
  • 9.2
    • Added Pagination to Order page
    • Optimised code to reduce page generation time 
    • Fixed a bug in Add to Cart where special item prices are wrong
    • Fixed a bug in Client IP detection 
  • 9.1  
    • Cookie Consent Update
    • Fully compatible with Google Tagmanager Built in Consent Beta
    • Fixed Client IP address if more than one IP returned in FORWARDED FOR
    • Update Google Ads Enhanced Data filed, which are now added manually to Google Tag Manger all data layer fields are name starting with customer_ 

V.9.0.1 : Admin Bug fixes

V.9.0.  : Speed improvement and bug fixes

V.8.6.  : Customer Data Collection and Sending to various Tracking 
      Added Master switch to enable user data collection in Admin
      Fixed Server issue due to increased header size for save encrypted user data in cookies
      User data is now saved in Session for faster access
      Added Cache for User data
      Tiktok pixel bug fixes
      Added Linkwise marketing tracking support
      Code improvements
      Tagmanager json updated

V.8.5.  : Customer data collection routine removed temporarily

V.8.4.  : Facebook Conversion API Fixes
          Sendinblue Automation integration added
          Google Ads Enhance Conversion variables added
          New Routines added for User data collection 
          Improved Cookie Consent codes and CSS improvements

V.8.3.  : Facebook Conversion API Version updated to 11

V.8.2.  : Facebook Conversion API Bug fixes and event updates
          API Debug logs

V.8.1.  : Facebook Conversion API support
          Google Tagmanager Server Container URL replacement support
          TikTok Pixel Tracking added

V.8    : Cookie Consent Improvement
      Admin updated for multi language cookie consent
      Code clean up for Admin template with better help info
      OC Platform compatibility
      Admin Multi Language Switch for changing Language for Admin
      Facebook Pixel Tag updated
      Bing Tag Updated
      Yandex Tag Updated
      Snapchat Tag Updated

V.7.5.3 : Fixed 2Performant Total Calculation with Alternate Currency
      Fixed Pixel Alternate Currency calculation 
      Fixed ReTag Calculations
      Fixed Glami Pixel 

V.7.5.2 : Added AdmitAd ReTag tracking
      Added FreshChat widget
      Minor improvements
      Added more payment gateway compatibility

V.7.5.1 : Minor changes to admin and catalog controllers remove extra files
      Google UA and GA4 API message display improvements

V.7.5.  : Added Lucky Orange Tracking
      Added additional custom dimensions up to 8 custom dimensions are now supported
      Added Google Ads Additional Conversion tracking support
      Added Google Ads Product data submission (Beta)
      Admin template fixes
      Fixed AdmitAd Affiliate tracking codes

V.7.4.3 : Fixed undefined variable message in controller/wishlist
      Fixed admin template for oc2.3

V.7.4.2 : Fixed Measurement protocol bug where manual order hits and refunds not sent

V.7.4.1 : Fixed UKSB pid error
          Added tracking for Payment Gateway DocData

V.7.4 :   Fixed is_countable error for PHP below 7.3
          Improved Extension Admin 
          Added New section Affiliates
        Added AdmitAd Affiliate tracking
      Added 2Performant Affiliate tracking
      Added Affiliate Gateway tracking 
      Fixed custom dimension not sent to Google UA
      Added option to disable debug messages from error log

V.7.3 :   Fixed missing file error where vqmod is installed
      Added self referral exclusion in GA4
      Fixed undefined error in tagmaanger.php
      Updated Google Customer Review tags
      Added GTIN, SKU fields in data layer to be used later

V.7.2 :   Fixed Conversion Value rates for qty more than 1
      Removed custom dimension ecomm_ from Google UA Analytics
      Fixed module template for OC 2.3x

V.7.1 :   Fixed Journal 3 Quick View issue
      Fixed GTM Container value not saved 

V.7.0 :   Updated Google Analytics UA Tag Firing
       - Updated Variable structure 
       - Improved trigger for duplicates
      Added Google Analytics 4 

V.6.3 :   Skroutz Analytics code fixes

V.6.2 :   QNEC checkout fixed
      Various bug fixes

V.6.1 :   Bug fix ecom_prod id not sent from product pages
      Bug fix javascript undefined error for site using query defer

V.6.0 :   Added Snap Chat Pixel Tracking
      Added Twitter Analytics
      Added Pinterest Analytics
      Added Paypal Marketing 
      Added Hubspot Chat
      Added Google Trusted Store Badge
      Added Google Shopping Review
      Fixed Low Bounce rate issue
      Fixed jquery initialisation error
      Moved cookie consent assets to Amazon Cloudfront
      Google Tagmanager Updated for future add-ons

V.5.3 :   Added Snap Pixel

V.5.2 :   Fixed jquery not defined error
      Add product id prefix/suffix support

V.5.1 :   Cookie Badge Button enable/disable fixed
      Cookie popup button placement swaped for better action
      Bug fixes for OC 2.3

V.5.0.0 : Major Release (Note: Google Tagmanager tag needed to be updated as well)
      EU GDPR Cookie Consent added with dual mode standard and enforced
      Bug fixed where gzip compressed pages were not loaded
      Bug fixed for variable not found error

V.4.5   : Bug fixes for some of the Journal 3 themes

V.4.4.5 : Bug Fixes
        PHP Error Add to Cart with product option 
        Pixel Add to Cart added content_type and contents
        Exclude Admin fixed
        Remove from cart event fixed

V.4.4.4 : Bug fixes 

V.4.4.3 : Bug fixes with Journal 3
      Fixed event not firing for Remove cart and Compare
      Compatibility fixes for Module
      Remarketing tag improvement
      Analytics Event Label correction for Product Detail View and Impression

V.4.4.2 : Bug fixes

V.4.4.1 : Fixed and issue where custom themes header controller ocmod wasn't applied
      Added Nitro io compatibility
      Fixed Journal2 Carousel module detection

V.4.4.0 : The latest update is all about compatibility, better event handling, and Pixel
      Facebook Pixel via Tagmanager Datalayer
      Facebook Pixel Updated as per new specification and better remarketing 
      Facebook Pixel each event is handle by individual tags
      Improve Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, Add to Compare and Remove Cart detection
      Updated Journal 3 Product routine, for better product impression, remarketing, popup for option, and quickview
      Optomized code and additional checkout to reduce overhead
      Reduced ocmod codes updated detection and optomized for future version
      Bug fixes for various themes 

V.4.3.2 : Added custom checkout route support
      Added custom checkout success support
      Custom Dimensions added to send remarketing tags (product_id, pagetype and value) to Analytics

V.4.3.1 : Added Skroutz Analytics
      Added Zen Chat
      Tag Manager Checkout steps code optimized
      Tag Manager Steps Tag Labels renamed for better classification
      Goal URL revised
      Various Bug fixes reported by users 
      Quickcheckout missing tag fixed for OC 3x
      Journal3 Bug fixes

V.4.3.0 : Optimized code and template detection
      Bug Fixes for missing order being fired from non success page 
      Updated Tag Firing pattern for better handling of checkout and success pages
      Debug Logger addded for Google Measurement protocol calls
      Update routine to fire product impression in batch to handle large product lists
      Extension Admin updated to show only valid orders
      Fixes issues with Journal3 on Opencart 2.3 for wishlist and compare events

V.4.2.6 : Update Tagmanager Tags for better labeling
      Fixed a bug for Contact mail tracking event 
      Fixed remarketing event labels as per Google specification
      Updated Google Ads Conversion Tag firing sequence
      Fixed a bug in Jounal3 where Order success not firing Analytics
      Added Tag Manager product id mod to Google Merchant Center feed extension
      New JSON import is required 

V.4.2.5 : Fixed and Update
      data push handling for module updated

V.4.2.4 : Bug fix array_merge

V.4.2.3 : Bug fix in Admin template handler 

V.4.2.2 : Ended developement cycle for Opencart older than 2.3 only bug fixes will be released
      Merged extension for OC2.3 and OC3x for better developement cycle
      Recent Transaction status added to Extension Admin 
      Manual Actions added to send Missing Orders or Refund to Analytics
      Added Refund transaction support from Sales Order Update for Cancel and Refund order status, more to be available in future releases.
      Optmized Data Layer codes
      Tracking moved to header for important pages i.e. category, search, manufacturer, special, products, cart, checkout and success.
      Implemented Regex for ocmod 

v.4.2.0 : Major Release New features and enhancements
      Code optimized, bug fixes
      Google Ads Remarketing update as per latest recommendation
      Google Ads Remarketing Custom Parameters support for additional parameters
      Facebook  Pixel Added Alternate Currency support 
      Facebook Catalog id can now be added to Extension admin to pass along with pixel events
      Journal 3 theme compatiblity with Remarketing and Pixel updated
      Journal 3 Bug fixes
      New Event tag for Phone call click (Event code: Phone call click)
      Journal 3 Contact Form Event tracking added
      Contact Page event tracking improved event sent via Google Measurement protocol
      Admin interface optmized 

      Update requirements : none

v.4.1.5 : Bug fixes & Improvements

v.4.1.4 : Bug fixes & Improvements

v.4.1.3 : Added Tag Manager AMP Support for AMP Pages
      Added Google Optimize Tag Support
      Added Multi Store Support
          Bug fix:  ocmod catalog/product 
      Additional check on brand and category function
      Bug fix: ocmod catalog/common/cart

v.4.1.2 : Extension moved from Module to Analytics
          Bug fixes

v.4.1.1 : Bug fix for Journal2 theme

v.4.1   : Major Improvement and New Features
        - Added HotJar tracking *BETA
        - Added Bing UET Conversion Tracking *BETA
        - Extension Admin optimized with Tabs 
        - Cookie Consent updated
        - Added setting to change Cookie Consent Popup and Button Colors
        - Remarketing Tag trigger optimized 
        - Added cache for Category Name queries
        - Added cache for Brand queries 
        - Update Google Tag Manager (JSON) with New and improved tags and better naming
        - Adde Journal 2 Theme built in support
        - Added Journal 3 Theme built in support (* OC 3x and OC 2.3x only)
        - Added AJAX Checkout built in support (* OC 3x and OC 2.3x only)
        - Bug Fixes
            - Measurement Protocol PHP syntax error fixed for Paypal IPN 

v.4    : Version merged for OC2x and OC3x for better identification
      Complete Code clean up
      Google Measurement Protocol support added 
      New Admin field to enable Google Measurement Protocol
      New Admin field for Google Analytics ID for Google Measurement protocol
      New API to handle Order Success tag firing
      New database table to track successul tag firing
      Added Paypal Order Success via Google Measurement Protocol if Customer do not return back
      Added new routines to better handle 3rd party Checkout and Success Pages
****      Fixed a bug in Tag Manager Goal funnel causing incorrect self referral (Recommended for older versions to apply the fix)

v.3.0.7    : GA User-ID Tracking added
      Journal2 Theme fixes
      Bug fix in Product info page fir Firefox inPrivate browsing

V3.0.4  Bug Fixes
    Module Admin file restructured 
    Facebook Pixel Dynamic Remarketing added